Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Gen Y - mercifully just one thought

Way too much is being scrutinized and said about the poor little rich kids that are generation Y. They have a bazillion problems but they all truly want the same thing that you want. Here is the one thing that can set a lot of those problems right and clear a path to wade through the messy choices and escape algorithms available to you yuppie. 

Slow down. Realize that you DO NOT have to and CANNOT do it all in a day. Or a week or a month. You could just shave your pencils today and start writing tomorrow. But make sure you focus on just shaving them today and shave them to your best ability. And DO NOT expect to write the next big epic. Just expect to write a short one page story. Or a single line if that suits you. And then store it away. Do this for a few years. Then put it together and look at it. It will be a wonderful story that is your life.

What gen Y needs positively reinforced is patience. That you cannot get it all on your fingertips even though google promises you that about viral videos and movie synopses. You stagnate when you encounter situations where you do not have the instant completion tools and so, you end up only committing to and doing short-term tasks that can get done within the fingertip attention span. Which is why you hate cleaning but would rather clean than learn to code. The thing is you DO NOT have to think about the whole task all the time. The task DOES NOT owe it to you to be something that can fit your fingertip method of functioning. The only thing guaranteed is that with time, it will be worth it. The journey itself will be beautiful and rewarding in short and sweetly unexpected bits. 

It is not the ADD, it is not the overload, it is just impatience. That will be all.