About me

It has been a process, finding more things to like and getting peer input to structure your appreciation.  But the good news is there is a lot thrown at you on a daily basis, mostly nice. 

Born in Madras. Grew up to see Bombay become Mumbai. Undergrad at Anna University, Chennai. PhD from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). Hoosier for work. Presently attempting to learn Kannada and morse code in Bangalore.

I am a structural virologist by training and a protein biochemist by profession. I want to think that it is the business of making pretty pictures; I guess it is more of critically appreciating a picture in increasingly reductionist fashion (you still have to look at the whole picture though). I have had the gift of good mentorship all my life and I am grateful for it. 

Depending on the mood, I tend to swing from somewhat philosophical to TMI. I am not a geek for technology but I like to use it well. I microblog. I volunteer at community centers and animal shelters on weekends. I like being outdoors more. I do clean humor and good music. I like to know people in and out. I like good listeners because I talk a lot. I like your pets and not your babies. I am a liberal socialist at the core and every other political stance I have flows from that. 

I play bass and drums. Occasionally I jam with like minded individuals. I like most forms of music that are not industrial. If you keep a CD of house music in your car, stay away. I do not sympathize.

I am an ESFJ libran by profession and an old school academic by choice. I like cleaning, cooking and keeping house. I like limericks and Dr. Seuss. I name my personal things. Though I just call my doll doll.

I like traveling around staying at home and meeting people. I have a thing for local cultures, stadiums and university architecture. 

Also, football is football, soccer is soccer.

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