The Zlotnick lab

The McKenna lab

VIPERdb - virus structure database with some cool tools

Scientific computing on OS X - A regularly updated wiki with great instructions and precompiled binaries

SourceForge - The one stop shop for everything free and open source

OMG Ubuntu - UK based Ubuntu devotees

XKCD - So way ahead of phd comics - Daily humor fix

K. Nagarajan - literary works of Ramya's great-grandfather

Cricinfo - ESPN's cricketing portal

Doghouse Diaries - A webcomic on love lives

Gatorzone - The official Florida Gator portal

Newsarama - Comic book news for the serious

OMG Facts - Definitely fascinating

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Doonesbury style daily webcomic

South Park - There was a time when it was good

Woot! - Cheap shirts. Smart ideas

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