Saturday, April 23, 2011

Testimonial - Dennis Neeld

It has been my distinct privilege to know Mr. Dennis K. Neeld. He is by far the coolest person I know in the dictionary meaning of the word. Mr. Neeld is a professional bowler, comic sketch artist and a microbiologist but that is not what makes him a great person to know. To just put it simply, whatever he does, he does with style. He owns every book I wish I had. He has every piece of clothing or accessory I was thinking of getting. Any movie that I thought was cult he had already memorized the dialogues. If you got a hi-five from Dennis, you have done something really cool. He has basically been the determinant of what is cool and what is not. He has perfected the art of saying 'thats what she said' within 0.2 seconds of an instance, a day after that episode. You get the idea.
But that is not what makes Mr. Neeld a good friend. We started off quite badly actually; I called him out for talking during my first presentation in my graduated program. He muttered something under his breath but did not beat me up later. A week later however, I did my first serious socializing in the program at his place and I just took off after that. I have learnt to appreciate and judge fine beer from being around him. His wedding was my first american wedding and indeed the first wedding of a friend that I have been to and observed closely. Even during the wedding, Dennis added his own touch to it with a sober hi-five to his sister right in the middle of the ceremony. I have spent countless hours playing rockband at his place and appreciating the finer aspects of american football. Despite my prosperous self-image I still feel like that annoying little friend kid around Mr. Neeld. A privilege indeed it has been sir.


For the next few months I plan to post a testimonial every friday about one special close friend. Yeah thats that.