Let it be! - Spouse has more readers

Theatre of Dreams - Doesn't blog much but this is what friends are for

Different strokes - Sibling sketches

Hypocritical Hopefuls - One of my favorite feminists

T((u))nabla - I always find something new to cheer me up here

Still breathing, dummy - Pictures, music, kites, life

Divine Errors in The Temple - Philosophical man-child

A glory dime for a gory rhyme - Lollu Inc.

Kumar's view - Love the enormous fish tank


Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa - That and a few other things. Hilarious stuff

The Jalsa and Jilpa snack edition - More talented work from the same guy

Bears Being Stalked by T Rajendar - Bears Being Stalked by T Rajendar

Carly's Voice - Autistic teenage writer

Krish Srikkanth's School of Management - A one stop solution to all of your problems

Mohan's Musings - A tamil movie insider with a passion for his job

Offensive Break Down - CFB offense analysis

Phil Steele - CFB statistician. Great with predictions

Retraction Watch - Scientific paper retraction news

T-Rex Trying - Brilliant and cute

Tambrahm Rage - Heavy on inside jokes

Texts from Hillary - Feminism drool

The Official Google Blog - Love the doodle

The Vigil Idiot - Maddox-style hindi movie reviewer

Uni Watch - The only other person that cares about sporting brandedness

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