Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Idealism comes in three. The Superman type, the Batman type and the fool type. Anything else is not idealism, period.

The Superman type: You're a Scout/guide. You have had a secure, uninfected, uncompromising yet simple childhood. Despite this your idealism exists because you just want to the right thing and be a good person. You care about animals, near extinction on not.

You would get depressed if someone called you a hypocrite. You believe in an inherent good in people that you strive to promote. You are a bright cheerleader. The people that hate you are insecure and unpopular jerks.

Rules and laws don't tell you what is right. You are beyond national boundaries. Your guiding morals are conduct, deed and ethics in that order. Your line of thought is older and bigger than religion or logic. Your fear of failure keeps you humble.

You do not advocate or propagate on your own. You have nothing to convince or prove. You only know how to choose the right thing to do. You are complex in thought and simple in deed. You are a happy person because you are content with what you have but not with what you can do.

You do have likes and dislikes. You do get angry. But neither traits come in the way of the choices that you make. Your image may not matter to you but what a random person thinks of you does.

You cannot rule a real nation because you cannot support armies, trials, death penalties or compromising deadlocks. You would accept that some people may never change but you will only resort to stopping them every time they attempt to do a wrong. Male or female, you are a feminist.

You name your children after deceased friends. You are detached in your thought process but deeply attached by heart. You can be fooled twice.

You are an optimist. You smile. You play with children and tell them stories. You do not know how to argue though you can fight. You are old fashioned at any age. You hum because music is life's biggest gift to you.

Real example: Rabindranath Tagore

The Batman type: You find the solution because every problem has one. You have lost something to an evil that you have resolved to save others from. You will never cross the law to achieve it though you may cross a line.

You are a single-minded achiever. You do not care about the praise you get. You do not care about they score you make. You do not care about what anyone thinks. You do not care about what you are perceived to be. You do not care about how many enemies you make or how many friends you lose.

You will never strike to kill. But you will not lament a death. You eat compromises for lunch. You think and work alone. Nobody is sure of who you are. Propaganda is not beyond you but you will not voice it and risk anonymity.

You are alone but not lonely. You love but never allow friends or relatives. You take great responsibility and that gives you great power. You speak little. You think in logic. You keep allies but work alone.

You have conquered anger, fear and religion because they make you weak and you use the same against what you attack. You are spiritual. You do not trust. You do not assure. You are never understood. You are never fooled.

Your goal is to achieve ends and for that you will sacrifice. You never smile for it it would break your adamantine discipline. You have long term thoughts.

You can control and administer with an iron hold. You are socialist but not democratic. You do not stand for heritage or history. You are a soldier by choice and never a ruler even by force. You will never bent even if broken.

Real Example: Bhagat Singh

The fool type: You have morals. You are steadfast and unquestioning. You are humble and never indulgent. You cannot tolerate insolence. You cannot tolerate sacrilege. You are not lazy. You seek like minded individuals and preach your thought widely. You voice your opposition to what is wrong and support those who do the same. You feel threatened. You sense great evil is to happen. The foolhardiness of the world irks you. Your faith, nation, ethnicity and emotion guide your choices.

Real Examples: Anyone you know that has eyes but refuses to see

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