Thursday, August 20, 2009

Waste not, want not

A kid that I knew is no more. A bright kid he was, with a brighter future ahead. Died in his sleep of carbon-monoxide poisoning. I do not know how. Maybe it was from his lab, his AC or just because he was around some traffic. Rest in peace friend.

And now I think more general. Effuse. Toxicity. Pollution.

If you are one of those people that negatively stereotypes even the partial environmentalist thought, shame on you. Maybe you have taken sides in the ongoing political drama on global warming, and green jobs. Maybe you are convinced that anthropogenic climate change, ecological movements and animal welfare concerns are silly ways to make money for some organizations. Maybe you do not care about habitat and species endangerment because people that matter more are going unemployed and corrupt. Maybe all that is true. So what?

Your primary needs are food, shelter, clothing, medical aid and education (as human - other animals take only food and shelter). Anything outside of that is a luxury that you establish for yourself. If you can do something to minimize that luxury to decreases your footprint on this planet, it is not an inconvenience. It may not do much to help the climate change situation or the energy crisis. But it is part of the living condition that establishes that you will not use more than what you need. All animals follow it. Except humans. We have become so decadent with our cranial and species superiority hogwash that our sense of self-preservation has become a general element that pervades everything in our thought process, when in reality, as a species we conduct ourselves in the worst possible manner in every sense. Of course you would like to dismiss most or all of that. Of course you would like to believe that nature is a bigger force to reckon with than the wreckage we can inflict on the planet. It probably could be. But we do not need to test that by throwing bigger stones at it.

Yes life is short. But your thought process need not be short term or narrow. Leave behind something for the future generation, however little.

My biggest wish is to be born wild (preferably non-human). At least I would not know members of my species that hunt for sport.

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