Wednesday, February 03, 2010


After reading this article I am inspired to misinterpret, over-interpret and retain biased views on any form of social message conveyance, provided it comes from someone else. Yes, it is easy to criticize and that can actually make you head pin-pricker on a 24-hour news channel. You may be hated but you will be watched. And you can afford trendy hairstyles.
To start off this practice that will take me to journalism utopia, I will attempt to review the very same article with limited brainwork, meagre respect and complete bias to methi mutter malai.
Will all due respect to dearest Sagarika Ghose (I admire her so much, I deliver bouquets at her door with get well soon crazy ‘bout you notes), this article must have been written for a nation of not just idiots but also cinema crazy buffoons that have shaved their hair and smashed their heads against a barbed wire pole to develop anterograde amnesia. So the story opens where Mrs. Ghose was dragged to a cinema hall showcasing the lowly production – 3 idiots, to watch it with village peasants who watched the movie enthralled like it was a steamy sleaze flick….
Ok I can’t write like her. FAIL.
But I can still draw conclusions like her, that’s the easiest thing to do.
· To refuse to cram is to embrace mindlessness
· To want a good life by following a professional line that one will be most devout to is to rescind a culture of education and thoughtfulness.
· The fact that there are an excess of engineering colleges with no students and hardly enough medical schools has nothing to do with the lack of medical degree holders.
· Unless you are “using your brains, and thought, and intellect” to get into a competitive medical school or engineering school you have become a culture demon
· ‘3 idiots’ is way too preachy and Mrs. Sagarika Ghose is not. With all do respect of course. I love your little tv show.
· Quite clearly Mrs. Ghose has been privileged to attend ‘The University of the Gods’ that everyone else, especially the ones in competitive universities well within Indian borders aspire for and hence the movie…
· Mrs. Ghose has trivialized Laplace transforms, Fourier transforms, Z transforms and Optimus Prime by using the word transforms in her article to mock a movie.
· Basically, to hope for a university environment with teachers that speak beyond just books and teach with integrity, with absence of peer and parental pressure, with focus on what you learn rather than what job you end up in, with no news of a classmate who committed suicide over grades is to engage in escapist fantasy. All thanks to some silly fiction where a bunch of kids delivered a baby with a vacuum cleaner.
My final and most lasting conclusion
In the pursuit of mental reform we cannot allow standards of excellence to be lowered. Somebody shoot that woman.

- Bloody Idiot

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