Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It starts


I saw this article today on the Indian Express and my first expression was a raised eyebrow "What the hell?!!". It is not like I can confirm the authenticity of the article beyond its publication in a leading daily. Maybe it was drawn out of context and written from a skewed perspective.
But it is very important. Anything good can only be started with losing ego and apologizing even if it is not really your fault. A majority of the world's problems even the big ones, can actually be solved if someone just manages the balls to say sorry and make up. Hope some good comes out of this at least now.


Q said...

Hmm, interesting. Are you insinuating something, perhaps?

Bala Venkatakrishnan said...

I am saying that most governments do too many things in the name of ego. Truly a lot of bilateral issues can be solved by some party owing up and taking the punishment. America being nowhere near an exception - that was my insinuation.