Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rapes and Grapes

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am a feminist. I do not have statistics to quote, I do not need to. Pick an Indian newspaper of your choice and pick a rape article of your choice; there are several for you every day. There should not be much to make of the morality of it but it is shameful and insane that every able-minded person has a unique take on it. Here is all we ask you for, focus on what recovery and rehabilitation can be made for the victim, severely punish the demon that did it and protect all citizens as equals irrespective of their sex, age, clothing or background. 
Yes you focused on the victim alright. By sensationalizing her for the worst moment of her life. By plastering all over the news, what she was up to, who she is and what she should have to say for her predicament. By treating her as a sex object. You punish the demon alright, by treating his human rights violation like a civil crime. By making him no more than a statistic. By keeping him an anonymous one of four arrested. By giving him a second chance after your so-called treatment. As for protection, the wonderful policemen that rape and molest victims a second time, the empathetic media that has a page worth of information about the victim for the viewer but no more than a line about the disgusting criminal and all the grand old folks who discuss the social circumstances leading to the incident will answer. Gladly.
I have a question to ask of everyone. When a human rights violation of this nature has occurred, what purpose does knowing or debating the motive of the crime serve? Shame on you sir if you want to think about what the victim did to deserve it. You have automatically become part criminal by saying a victim does not deserve to be treated like a fair human because of their sex or their attitude. If I paraded the streets naked, you can arrest me for being a public nuisance but you do not deserve to violate me in any other way. Even if I give some space to your disgusting logic, how do you plan to face and answer to the eight year old girl on the Mumbai local, or the Indore housewife that never left her kitchen and the countless others that have no fault other than being a woman or a child? If you still invoke fate and ways of the world, shame on you again sir; consider a lobotomy and sign up for Martian Nuremberg experiments.
By committing a crime of this nature, the lowly creatures that did it have automatically signed away their right to be treated as human. They no longer deserve to live in a community of sane people. Keep them in a dark cell and let them rot. They no longer deserve procreative privileges. Castrate them and save the world from their weapons of mass destruction. Heck, they don't deserve a second chance. Let them feel the pain and misery that they have caused and keep it through what is left of their evil insufferable lives. Brand them with tattoos that show them for what they are. Lobotomize them. They do not need brains; their thinking apparatus is obviously elsewhere. Publicize them as offenders instead of the victim who does not need publicity, so no one would let them near again.
And you, the judge on what the victim should wear and bear, I call you the worst one of them all. You, with suggestions on their profession, timing, clothing, appearance, sex, voice and location. You are the one that has stroked and reared this madness. I recognize your air of lazy arrogance. Your agenda of indifference and self-importance and your far-removedness from the reality of the situation. I know your traditional values are what they are because they keep you in a position of power; you do not even have to think about what it feels to be a victim. I know your are homophobic because there is only one way you can be made to feel the same fear. 
My friends that dismiss my feminism as my naivety and suggest that an egalitarian attitude is what I should adopt, come closer. Screw you. I am afraid to be a woman and ashamed of being a man. Give me an equal society. Give me a place where people are not victimized for what they can do nothing about. Give me a place where people are truly discrimination free. Give me a place where genders are not a concern. Do not tell me that it is better than the fifties; it bloody well is not. The reality of today is an unbalanced society and the persecuted section needs all the help to can get to become what you speak of. Until then I am a feminist with good reason. Wake up.

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