Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quantum Karma

Yes, Karma is like the free market. It solves everything. Even if you are atheist you have to believe in it because it is completely scientific. It is only chaos theory explained more modestly by the vedas by high-end theoretician rishi-munis of the past yugas.

The easiest way to prove karma is a thought experiment. I use one for two reasons:

1. A thought experiment is limited by only your imagination. You can have honest politicians and open source windows.

2. It can make me famous. Descartes' mind, Maxwell's demon and Schrödinger's pussycat are evidence to that.

The current limit of microscopy is only to atomic resolution. So I borrow the binoculars that telugu RAW enforcer Kamal Hassan used from a helicopter to see virus multiplication in the villain's blood from a mile away for my purpose. I sit down and zoom in on my knee. Tissue resolution. BANG.Cellular resolution. BANG. Molecular resolution. BANG. Atomic resolution. BANG BANG. Sub-atomic resolution. BANG BANG BANG. quarks.

And there you see colored balls. You see rubbing charged clouds that are moving around. Zoom further. BANG. You see fast moving undulations on the surface. You press the slow-mo button. There, the traffic's better. Zoom further. You see something that looks like the Florida keys on the surface. Zoom further and you see a orange brick building. Zoom further and you see yourself.

Yes that is the truth. There is no Scientology and there is no Vedanta. There is no 42 and there is no spoon. There is only circularization in the 11th dimension. And that pretty much answers everything. Move your right arm and signal a no ball and the model you see through the lens does it too. Every surface element on every quark on every atom in every cell of your body has you and others in it. You influence it extraneously by your daily actions. Confusing, yes but nevertheless cool.

Each different quark from each atom of each cell is a different dimension in the 5th and the 6th level borne out of your decisions and actions. Some fall off when they are meaningless (google: Cell Death). Some remain all your life. Your cellularity increases with your age and but when you hit old age the dimensions converge and the count comes down. Fascinating.

This is why a sub-atomic model looks like the picture of a galaxy. This is why the hindu, sumerian and aztec scriptures have unraveled science without current technology. This is why the force of faith works, cancers are cured and idols drink 2% milk.

This is how the stars control you. This is how astrology is true. Since sub-molecular resolution imaging requires a mathematical lens (google: diffraction theory), obviously astrology uses its inverse fourier transforms to unravel the future and stays accurate within its error bars. And here's the clincher. Hindu science says that there are 7 janmas (births) and hindi movies say that there are always 7 identical people on the earth. Add two and two and insert this theory.

Yeah, I know.

This is how everything is overlying as well as underlying. This is why all races and religions are equal and yet different. This is why there is ONE god. This even verifies a satanist's concept of one being one's own god. This is how your actions reach back to you and to others by spectral means.

I hope this has inspired you to be more inventive, progressive yet accommodative in your thought. Don't bash religion just because it has loose ends. Solve the problem the scientific way and be creative. I am sure I have summed only a small fraction of the potential of this theory and more threads can be tied together if more minds are applied. You are welcome to add some azure notes that promote this wonderful ideology and make benifit glorious nation of Kazhakistan.

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Bala Venkatakrishnan said...

A friend that regularly visits this blog but refuses to leave a comment has a question - "how does this great revelation account for in vitro cell culture?"
Answer: I am sure you have heard of voodoo. In indian culture we have elements like shunyas and trantrik vashikarans (the latter being particularly successful especially in the lives of 2nd class commuters from Virar to Charni Road that respond to Ustad Mirzi baba's advertisements). in vitro cultures are just that.This is why scientists hold so much influence and get more respect than they deserve. This is also why the recent boom in biological research has ushered neo-disasters like terrorism (climate change and extinction are not true). Build on it. Be creative. But mostly don't think too deep. Actually, don't think.

Bala Venkatakrishnan said...

And say no to stem cells.They are the dark side of the force.